About Wynners Promotional Products

We like to help YOU find the right product, & supply them at the right price & time, for YOUR purpose, and are committed to our customers' satisfaction.

    Product areas include:

  • Corporate & seasonal business gifts
  • Desktop & computer promoters
  • Conference/executive & electronics
  • Shopping centre promotions
  • Fundraisers & Souvenirs for resale
  • Golf & sports gear
  • Clubs, Societies, Schools & Colleges
  • Clothing & promotional hats
  • Children’s fun promotions
  • Themed events & party things
  • Low-cost high-volume promotions & giveaways

    And much more!

If you have a specific product you'd like to find out about that's not obvious in the above list, or if you know what you want the item to do but not what you want - we can help you. We like helping our customers save money and time - so try us now!

Our customers include businesses large & small, schools, hospitals, sports clubs, tourist outlets, hotels, shopping centres, Enterprise Boards, agencies, banks, credit unions, charities & organisations situated all over Ireland.  We're .... Fast,  Friendly, 'Fficient & Female!

Daphne Wynne, Dip M, M C Inst M, MMII, has been running Wynners in Dun Laoghaire for over 30 years, and the company has the wealth of experience and knowledge in its field that only time can bring. 

We have developed our own system of accurate detail throughput which ensures that your company  and order details are kept right throughout your dealings with us.